I’ve had a lot of my worldwide readers contact me since I’ve begun writing my eBooks asking me to create Paperback Editions; because they prefer reading from a proper Paperback Book.

I prefer publishing my eBooks, but I have made a decision.  As soon as I’ve published my 100th eBook on Amazon, I shall create and publish special Paperback Editions of my previous 100 eBooks.

Like my “Delight Collection” eBooks, these Paperback Editions will be created in certain Adult Baby genres.

Gay Adult Baby Stories

Straight Adult Baby Stories

Sissy Baby Stories

Adult Baby Girl Stories

My rare Paperback Editions might also be at capped prices; regardless of the Page Length, Genre and Tags.

Everything above is subject to change, but my Paperback Editions will happen after I’ve published my 100th eBook, hopefully sometime in late-2020 or in 2021.

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