50. Unmaternal Babysitter

50. Unmaternal Babysitter
eBook: £3.00
Tags: Adult School Girls, Babyhood, Babysitters, Dildos, FemDom, Forced, Humiliation, Lust, Messing, Mummy, Nappies, Orgy, Punishment, Pussy, Revenge, Sissy Baby, Slave, Straight, Transformation
Publisher: JodieDelight.com
Publication Year: 20th November 2018
Length: 60 pages

Unmaternal Babysitter: I Became Her Sissy Slave!

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About the Book

Nathan Danes (aged 18), the loner and geek of his school, is the secret sneaky pervert who’s been stealing the panties of the schoolgirl he fancies, Jessica Bakewell (aged 18).

One night, by pure bad luck, Nathan’s Mum, Mary Danes (aged 41) along with her new best friend Gina Bakewell (aged 42), Jessica’s Mum, catch Nathan doing a very disgusting sexual act with Jessica’s stolen panties in his bedroom.

With this despicable revelation fully exposed, Gina brilliantly manipulates Mary into completely turning her perverted son into her new Sissy Baby Girl as punishment for his immoral sins.

A complete new lifestyle quickly begun for Nathan as he would become known within the community as “Nicole”, Mummy’s Sissy Baby Girl. And that’s not all. Gina thought it would be best that her daughter should become his new babysitter.

One day the cute, gorgeous and dominating Jessica Bakewell arrives to babysit the perverted Sissy Baby. Jessica also invites her schoolgirl friends round to join in the fun in her wicked plans of revenge installed for her new Sissy Slave and sexual plaything…

Tags: #AdultSchoolGirls, #Babyhood, #Babysitters, #Dildos, #FemDom, #Forced, #Humiliation, #Lust, #Messing, #Mummy, #Nappies, #Orgy, #Punishment, #Pussy, #Revenge, #SissyBaby, #Slave, #Straight, #Transformation

Over 16,900 words.

Amazon.co.uk - 24th November 2018 - 5.0 out of 5 stars. "An excellent read!" - Nathan learns the hard way not to steal girls knickers, but has lots of naughty fun on the way. Thank you Miss Delight, well worth waiting for.
– Kindle Customer
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