35. Delight Collection: AB Boy Vol. 1

35. Delight Collection: AB Boy Vol. 1
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Adult Baby Boy eBooks: Delight Collection Vol. 1

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About the Book

Adult Baby Boy eBooks: The Delight Collection Vol. 1 is a five all-in-one eBook collection edition of five individually already published straight Adult Baby Boy eBooks written and published by Jodie Delight.

A Few Good Women

James Turner (aged 20) is a young man with a hidden secret: he’s a closet Adult Baby Boy. One day James finally confesses his deep desires to be treated like an Adult Baby to his beautiful girlfriend Kimberly Evans (aged 19), who then quickly informs her Mum & James’ Mum about his needs in becoming an Adult Baby Boy.

James’ young life and adult lifestyle as he knew it quickly changes and there’s nothing he can do to stop it as these Few Good Women are in control of his destiny into babyhood for a very long time to come…

It’s A Condition!

Adam Wilson (aged 23) has been long attracted to the Adult Baby kink. Desperate to fulfil his infantilism desires, Adam begins to purposely become incontinent so he can wear nappies to personally indulge in his fetish.

Adam lies to his mother and GP not knowing what his ‘Condition’ is. Not long after wearing nappies things soon begin to unravel fast for Adam.

Emma Myers (aged 44), Adam’s mother’s best friend, suspects Adam of lying and using nappies for another purpose and very quickly a new relationship blossoms between them both…

Back In Her Bosom

Tony Appleton (aged 24) is currently down on his luck in his life. Except for the one good thing that’s keeping him going. Tony is very lucky to have captured the heart of the gorgeous, sexy and very independent business driven bitch, Sarah Stewart (aged 27).

Sarah has recently been losing faith and her love with her boyfriend of one year. Tony’s life quickly changes when Sarah seeks relationship advice from her overbearing and dominant mother to save their relationship.

Sarah then entices her boyfriend into forming a new relationship between them both by turning him into her very own Adult Baby Slave…

Schoolboy Baby

Tommy Phelps (aged 18) is an English schoolboy who has everything going for himself in his young life; he’s excelling at his studies, dating the gorgeous schoolgirl in his year, Hannah Davies (aged 18) and is currently the captain of the school’s football team.

Christmas is approaching and at this time of year a special angel who has magical powers, answers the prayers of women, mainly mothers who desire and seek to have their child rely on their nurturing care and motherhood for a long time to come.

While Tommy was dreaming, this angel entered into his dreams and begins the process of what’s to come. As soon as Tommy wakes up his old life now begins to slowly drift away and there’s no escape from his new lifestyle and the humiliation that comes along with it…

Video Gaga

Elliott Fiennes (aged 26) is currently ranked as the best Pro Gamer in the world and he’s also considered to be the best of his generation. Elliott’s Japanese patron and sponsor, Mr Yen, the CEO of Yen Gaming Inc. is the third elite video gaming company to rivals Konami and Nintendo in Japan.

Mr Yen persuades the reluctant Elliott to first test the company’s new and very exclusive black market and unreleased first demo video game titled: “Reality Wars”.

But before Elliott first tests the video game, he rudely encounters the game’s magical avatar resulting his life and reality as he knows it to change very quickly and dramatically and there’s nothing Elliott can do to reverse it…

These five Straight Adult Baby Boy stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about submissive young men forced into nappies and the babyish lifestyle by strong, sexy and dominating women and magical powers.

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Over 81,000 words.

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